The Next Generation of Ultralight Line?

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While Berkley NanoFil is not marketed as ultralight fishing line, the qualities of this line make it seem great for UL fishing.

This line is especially made to be used with spinning reels. It’s made up of Dyneema nano fibers, which are the strongest fibers on earth. These fibers are bonded at a molecular level to create a single strand of fishing line.

Berkley NanoFil: (See Prices or Buy Here)

NanoFil feels and casts like a quality monofilament line and has the performance of a quality braid, but it’s NOT a monofilament, fluorocarbon, or braided line. It’s one of the strongest lines in ultra thin diameters. Here is a list:

  • NanoFil 1 Pound Test = 0.001 Inch Diameter
  • NanoFil 2 Pound Test = 0.002 Inch Diameter
  • NanoFil 3 Pound Test = 0.003 Inch Diameter
  • NanoFil 4 Pound Test = 0.004 Inch Diameter
  • NanoFil 6 Pound Test = 0.005 Inch Diameter
  • NanoFil 8 Pound Test = 0.006 Inch Diameter
  • NanoFil 10 Pound Test = 0.007 Inch Diameter
  • NanoFil 12 Pound Test = 0.008 Inch Diameter

Notice that the thickest line that Berkley manufactures under the NanoFil name is 12 pound test at 0.008 inch diameter. That’s equivalent to about 4 pound test thickness when it comes to nylon monofilament lines.

So, all NanoFil Lines are 4 pound test thickness or less. That sounds like a great line for ultralight fishing.

This line has ZERO stretch, giving it great sensitivity and hook setting ability. It also has great cast-ability. It will cast up to 50% farther than mono line of the same breaking strength. That’s impressive! With NanoFil, you have ZERO memory, meaning fewer tangles.

I think Berkley should just come out and say “NanoFil was made for Ultralight Anglers”. The properties of this line make it perfect for ultralight fishing. From the thin diameters and high breaking strength, to the no stretch and amazing cast-ability, this line sounds like a dream come true. Now all I have to do is test it out.

The only negative that I noticed about this line is the price. It costs about $20 for a tiny 150 yard filler spool, and about $40 for a 300 yard spool. Ouch!

What do you think of this line? Have you had the chance to try out this new line? Let me know in the comment section. Thanks.

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9 thoughts on “The Next Generation of Ultralight Line?”

  1. Have not seen or tried this line. I would most definitely be interested in getting some feedback from you when you get this line wet.

    • I’m gona have to buy some new line soon anyway, my line is getting a little old. So, If I have the extra $$, I will definitely go with the NanoFil. I’ll let you know what I think about it.

    • Awesome, Thanks for stopping by. Now I “HAVE TO” buy some NanoFil. I have always loved lines with low stretch.

  2. I am anxious to compare the Nanofil to the Sufix 832. I am such a Sufix fan it would have to be over the top for me to change!

    • Hey Mike, I’ve heard many great things about Sufix lines, but haven’t had the opportunity to try out myself. The Sufix 832 also is made of Dyneema Fibers, so a comparison would be interesting. Thanks for commenting.

  3. I bought a spool of this for my ultralight setup on a 2 week vacation on the lake. I did a lot of fishing with the nanofil, including catching a 22″ northern pike on the ultralight. It was wonderful! I had only 1 single tangle which was easy to work out. This line casts so far! Much further than mono or braid.

    • Thanks for the mini review Thom. This is the first time I heard what an ultralight angler has to say about NanoFil. What size where you using?

  4. 6lb NanoFil on a 6’6″ St Croix UL fast action pole, with a Pflueger President Micro 6720 spinner. I’ve also used 4lb and 6lb Trilene mono, and 10lb PowerPro braid on this rod and reel combo. I really like the NanoFil! I’m thinking about getting a spool of the 2lb or 4lb for my second spool.


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