Largemouth bass, held tight!

The Best Fishing Lines for Casting Distance

One of the most important things that affects casting distance is your fishing line. Choosing the right fishing line will greatly increase the range of your casts. Two factors when considering a choice of lines for casting are memory and diameter. Fishing line that is both limp and thin (small diameter) is ideal because it …

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5 Great Braided Lines for UL Fishing

If you’ve ever broken off a fish because of poor line selection, or from using old line, you may want to think about spooling a hundred yards, or so, of braided line onto your ultralight reel. Braided lines offer some of the highest levels of sensitivity of all the types of lines, incredibly thin diameters, …

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The Lure of Fly Fishing

Fishing is the most popular sport in the world. The reasons for its popularity are many. Fishermen are enthralled by the possibility of a battle between themselves and that hidden beast below the waves. With outdoor fishing we are calmed by the surroundings of nature, the relaxation of the gentle rays of the sun and …

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