The Best Fishing Lines for Casting Distance

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One of the most important things that affects casting distance is your fishing line. Choosing the right fishing line will greatly increase the range of your casts. Two factors when considering a choice of lines for casting are memory and diameter. Fishing line that is both limp and thin (small diameter) is ideal because it allows your line to “fly” off the reel and through the guides with little friction or resistance, resulting in a further cast.

Fishing Line Memory Diagram

Fishing Line Memory

Limp is the same thing as low-memory when it come to fishing line. Limp/low-memory line comes off your spool straight. This is great for casting because the fishing line “flows” through your guides smoothly with minimal friction. High-memory line, on the other hand, comes off your spool in coils and creates a high amount of friction as it goes through the guides. The friction slows down your line, resulting in lost casting distance.

Fishing Line Diameter

The diameter of the fishing line also plays a role when it comes to casting distance. The thinner your line is, the further it will cast. The reduced surface area of thinner lines lowers the amount of friction as it goes through the guides. Also, thinner lines are less affected by breezes and winds. And since thinner usually means lighter, the line won’t put extra weight on the lure/bait to pull.

This is why you should go with limp/low-memory and thin fishing lines if you want to cast further. I have personally noticed a big difference in my casting distance when I use limp and thin line. Here are some of the best fishing lines on the market for distance casting:

Trilene XL

Best Fishing Line for Casting DistanceTrilene XL (extra-limp) is probably one of the most popular lines for casting distance. Since it has been around for a while, it’s been well tested and is loved by anglers.  Great Monofilament Fishing Line! See Prices or Buy Here.

Stren Magnathin

Best Fishing Lines for Casting DistanceStren Magnathin is a nylon monofilament fishing line with a high strength-to-diameter ratio. Because of it’s thin diameter and limpness, it’s great for super-smooth, long-distance casts. See Prices or Buy Here.

FireLine Fused Original

Best Fishing Lines for Casting DistanceFireLine Fused Original is a “superline” that is made by fusing multiple strands into one line by the use of heat. It’s super-strong, super-thin, and super limp. Hence the name “superline”. See Prices or Buy Here.

SpiderWire UltraCast

Best Fishing Lines for Casting DistanceSpiderWire UltraCast is a braided line made especially for smooth, long distance casting. It’s super though and has a thin diameter. It also has no-stretch but yet is very limp. Nothing gets away! See Prices or Buy Here.

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