Blown Out Stream after a Rain

Selecting the Right Fly Lure

photo credit: Lonnie’s Life via photopin cc Everyone knows if you want to do a job right, it takes the right tools. When it comes to fly fishing, the most important tools you can bring to the table are the right lures. Keep reading to discover what you need to consider when selecting the right …

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Redington Reel

Fly Fishing vs. Conventional Lure Fishing

It’s difficult to observe someone fly fishing and not take an interest in what they’re doing. Learn fly fishing basics or read on to discover how this unique sport differs from conventional lure fishing. Between the solitude involved and the hypnotic motion of a fly fisherman’s rhythmic cast, it’s understandable that so many observers can’t …

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Fly Fishing Basics

If you’ve been ultralight fishing for a while and just need a change of pace, fly fishing might be the answer. Or if you’ve never been much for fishing, but you love the great outdoors and would like an activity that would help you enjoy it more, ultralight fly fishing may be just the ticket. …

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