Can You Catch Bass on Ultralight Tackle?

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Many anglers think ultralight fishing can only be used for panfish and small trout. Nothing is further from the truth! An average angler, using good ultralight tackle, can easily catch fish up to 5 pounds in weight. Anglers with more experience and skill can land fish up to 15 pounds.

I have personally landed a 12 pound Coho Salmon on ultralight tackle as well as numerous fish above 5 pounds. I know firsthand that ultra-light fishing gear is not as wimpy as many people seem to think.

SO, when I hear someone asking if they can catch bass on ultralight tackle, I say “of course you can”. The average black bass (smallmouth and largemouth) is between 1-3 pounds (plus or minus, depending on location).  In my humble opinion, UL fishing is the best way to catch bass. It maximizes the sport when catching average sized bass, but still has the back bone and strength to land fish that are much larger.

Still have your doubts? Then check out the video above. This guy hooks into a large bass on ultralight gear. His line is only 4 lb. test. He also had his doubts. You can hear him say, “I’ll never get him”, but yet after an adrenaline pumping battle, he lands a bass that’s “a little shy of 5 pounds”.

If you’ve never used UL tackle for fishing because you think it’s too wimpy, I recommend you give it a try. After you land you first good sized fish, you will be “hooked” for life.

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