King Salmon on Ultralight Fishing Gear

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One of the biggest joys of ultralight fishing is never knowing exactly what it is on the end of your line when you hook up.  Fishing with ultralight gear allows you the opportunity to catch any species, of any size that are in the waters you’re on.  This is part of the excitement that keeps so many anglers picking up their ultralight combos when they are ready to head out for the day.  One angler found this joy when he was fishing on a river with his ultralight rod and reel in hand.

They knew it was a salmon, and that it may be big, but they never expected how big it was really going to be.  Watch the video above to see just what we’re talking about, and why so many anglers love using ultralight fishing gear for their expeditions.  Unfortunately, state regulations wouldn’t allow him to weigh the fish, so it is hard to say exactly how big it is, but you can tell from the video that it was well worth the fight!

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  1. Thanks for posting this clip, Joshua. I actually had a similar experience myself. I hooked a 12 pound coho salmon on ultralight tackle and, I must say, had the fight of my life. Definitely, one of my top fishing experiences.


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