The Best Lures to Catch Large Brown Trout

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I was reading an article about the “Top Trout Lures” and would have to agree with their selection. Here is what I have to say about those lures when it comes to fishing for the larger brown trout.

Brown Trout Lures

Spoons – Spoons are definitely great for covering alot of water. There is something about them that the large brown trout just can’t seem to resist. You can retrieve them at any speed, jig them, and twitch them. I would recommend 2-3 inch spoons (not including the hook) for the larger browns. (Buy Here)

Spinners – Probably the most popular type of lure out there, spinners are also great for enticing strikes from large brown trout. I would suggest to experiment with different colors and styles in the #2 or #3 blade sizes. (Buy Here)

Rapalas – Bait fish imitation lures like Rapalas are great for catching large brown trout. This is because only the larger fish target bait fish as a food source. My personal favorites are the Rapala Countdowns in natural looking colors like silver minnow, gold minnow, rainbow trout, etc. 2-3 inches is the ideal length. (Buy Here)

Flatfish – There is something about the action of a Flatfish that make trout go nuts. If you never tried one, I would recommend you pick one up. Even when the bite was slow, I brought in good sized fish on a Flatfish lure. Once again, 2-3 inch is the ideal size. (Buy Here)

Marabou Jigs – This is not in the Outdoor Life article, but I had to mention marabou jigs. This is one of my favorite lures for a good reason. That reason is: They consistently produce good catches of trout. I usually use 2-3 inch jigs in darker colors like black, brown, olive, and blood red. (Buy Here)

You have probably noticed the numbers 2 and 3 in this article quite a bit. Those are the numbers I go by when choosing lure lengths and sizes for larger brown trout. (2-3 inches in length or #2-#3 blade sizes for spinners) It seems to be the ideal size.

So, get out there on the lake or river and catch those lunker brown trout.

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  1. Have enjoyed very good success with Rapala’s for Browns locally. Big browns are one of my favorite fish. Lately, been really getting into some spoon fishing. Still need to push for bigger Browns though!


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