The World’s Largest Type of Trout – Fishing for Taimen

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The world’s largest type of trout is the Taimen. It can grow to 83 inches in length and weight up to 231 pounds. Wow! That is unbelievably large! It’s funny that I get all excited when I catch a trout longer than 20 inches. There is NO WAY that rainbow, brown, or lake trout fishing can compare to taimen fishing. The taimen is one BEAST of a trout. National Geographic called it the “Mongolian Terror Trout” for a good reason.

So, where can I catch myself a taimen, you may ask? Well… you won’t find the taimen anywhere in the Americas. The only place that this magnificent fish lives is Siberia and Mongolia. And, last time I checked, you have to drop like $20,000 for a week long guided trip. As much as I would love [LOVE] to fish for taimen, I don’t think I will be doing that anytime soon.

Take a look at the short National Geographic clip to get an idea of the size of an average adult taimen. I think you will be impressed. Enjoy!

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  1. Well, I have learned and seen something here, that I never knew of. That is why I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing this story and great video!

  2. Thanks Mel, Out of the ocean of spam comments, it’s nice to see yours once in a while. I’m happy that you enjoyed this post.


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