Spinner Fishing for Trout in Rivers and Streams

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If you have ever been spinner fishing for trout, you know how fun and exciting it is. I have rarely had bad fishing days when using a spinner (unless my line is caught in dense weeds). It seems that there is something about them that trout really like.

Check out this video on spinner fishing for trout. Jeff Dietrich shows us the basics of spinner fishing and offers tips and techniques that will be useful for both beginners and more experienced anglers. If the fast moving water of a river or stream seems overwhelming, read our guide on ultralight pond fishing.

The spinner that he’s using is one of my favorites. Check out all my favorite spinners in this article I wrote here:

The Ultimate Spinners for UL Fishing

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3 thoughts on “Spinner Fishing for Trout in Rivers and Streams”

  1. Great site you have. Thanks for stopping by my Blog and leaving your comment. I love Blue Fox spinners for trout. Many of my bigest trout were caught with a Blue Fox Vibrax Wild Eye spinner.



  2. Enjoyed the video and know about the fun spinner fishing. I, too, have a small box full of Blue Fox spinners. They are a good choice.


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