Monster Lake Trout Caught Ice Fishing

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I know it’s not ice fishing season right now (May 28th), but I just had to share this video that I found on YouTube. My adrenaline got pumping while watching this video. I wish I had more amazing fishing experiences like this. I couldn’t believe that lake trout get that big since the largest one I ever seen was about 24 inches long.

The guy in the video hooks into a gigantic lake trout while ice fishing. He knows it’s a big fish because he can barely move it towards the ice hole. When the fish comes close to the surface, the fisherman completely “freaks out” about the size of this lake trout. It actually gets stuck in the hole for a moment. He gets so excited that he even gets a bloody nose.

Check out the video. I think you will enjoy it. Ready to give ice fishing a try yourself? Be sure to read our guide for ice thickness when ice fishing. Be safe!

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2 thoughts on “Monster Lake Trout Caught Ice Fishing”

    • That *IS* one hell of a fish, but what really entertains me about the video is how the fisherman acts. It really cracks me up how excited he gets. The look on his face is just priceless.


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