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Every recreational angler should be concerned about the environment. It’s a clean and healthy environment that sustains healthy populations of fish. Without healthy populations of fish, the enjoyment of fishing goes down the drain.

Green Tackle

What most anglers don’t realize is some of the fishing products anglers use can actually be harmful to the environment. I’m talking about fishing tackle that contains toxic lead or non-biodegradable materials like plastics and rubber.

Think about this: How many times does the average angler lose his/her fishing tackle due to a snag? I know I have lost more fishing tackle to stumps and rocks than I can count. What do you think happens to that tackle at the bottom of the lake or river? Toxic lead gets released into the surrounding environment. Fishing line causes all different kinds of problems for wildlife and takes about 500 years to fully degrade. Sounds like a big problem to me.

Should anglers be concerned? I think, yes! That’s where Green Tackle comes in. They are a company that sells eco-friendly fishing tackle and promotes environmentally responsible fishing practices. It’s nice to see a company that cares about fishing’s impact on the environment. Their entire inventory is carefully reviewed to ensure that the products are environmentally friendly.

Thanks to Green Tackle for providing an eco-friendly alternative for us, the recreational anglers.

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2 thoughts on “Eco-Friendly Fishing Products at Green Tackle”

  1. What a great company. I hadn’t heard of them so I am glad I came across this post!

    The fishing line drives me crazy. I don’t understand why people leave it behind. There are so many handy little waste line containers now a days, there is just no excuse for it.

    • All popular fishing areas are covered in fishing line, and you’re right there is no excuse for it. I think it’s up to us (responsible anglers) to keep the fishing areas clean. When I come across some line, I clean it up (even if it’s not my mess).


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