Aerial Bowfishing for Asian Carp

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Check out this amazing video of bow-fishing for Asian carp.

The carp get spooked into jumping by the sound and vibration of the boat motor. The bow anglers wait in the back of the boat for that perfect shot. It reminds me of upland bird hunting. It’s like when the bird flushes and you need to quickly take that air shot before the it flies away. Looks like FUN!

Is this legal? Yes it is. The Asian carp is an invasive species in the United States. There are NO regulations or restrictions on how to catch them. Since the Asian Carp directly competes with native species of fish, the DNR (Department of Natural Resources) is running an extermination campaign against them. It’s actually illegal to release them back into the water after catching them and killing as many as you can is encouraged.

So, these bow-fishers are helping the DNR restore the natural order while also having the time of their lives.

Aerial Bowfishing for Asian Carp
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2 thoughts on “Aerial Bowfishing for Asian Carp”

  1. Being a Bow and Arrow kind of guy (not hunting though), this looks like a lot of fun. I think, since it’s such a big problem, they should open it up to shotguns too. Probably kill a lot more and if you have a good retriever, you’d be in like Flint.


    • Using shotguns would be interesting… The only problem is retrieving the fish… You’d probably be doing more retrieving than shooting.


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