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This is the new InvisaSwivel made by Aquateko. It’s a clear fishing swivel made from fluorocarbon (same material as some fishing lines). It’s virtually invisible underwater, making it great for those finicky fish that spook easy. They are self lubricating, they won’t corrode, they sink slowly, and are flexible. The company claims that they out perform regular metal fishing swivels.


I personally think it’s worth it to try these swivels out. There are a few situations in which I can see invisible swivels being very useful. For Example: When I fish the local ponds and lakes, I notice that some fish strike at the metal swivels. I feel the strike but when I set the hook I get nothing. With InvisaSwivels, all the attention would be on the lure. These swivels would be invisible to the fish while still preventing line twist.

Do InvisaSwivels have a place in your tackle box? They are available all over the internet. I purchased mine on Amazon. To see InvisaSwivel availability and prices Click Here.

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