Top Fishing Rod Brands for Freshwater

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G. Loomis St. Croix Lamiglas Fenwick Shimano DaiwaWhat are the top fishing rod brands? The top fishing rods below are not your ordinary mass produced – make a quick buck – snap the first week – type of fishing rods. These fishing rod brands have all been making quality fishing rods for a while. They have gotten to be known as great fishing rod manufacturers.

Why are these rod brands considered the top of the line? For a good reason: (1) The rod blanks are high quality. They are lighter, stronger, and more sensitive than comparable rods. (2) They are built with high quality components (reel seat, guides, handle, etc.). (3) They have a warranty for defects in materials and workmanship. (4) Most important of all, they are loved by anglers. Overall, these are HIGH QUALITY RODS. Here they are:

G. Loomis

G. Loomis fishing rods are arguably the highest quality sticks out there that are not custom made. Talk to the top fishing guides and they will tell you that these rods are at the very top of their list. Just be prepared to drop some serious cash if you want one.

G. Loomis Rods: (See Prices and Buy Here)


Ask any angler that has used St.Croix rods and they will tell you that these fishing rods are awesome. The rods are built to the highest standards using hi-tech equipment so that each and every rod is perfect.

St. Croix Rods: (See Prices and Buy Here)


Loved by freshwater anglers everywhere, Lamiglas fishing rods are systematically tested, in real fishing situations, on real fish. Only the best designed rods ever hit the market. With Lamiglas, you know you’re getting quality.

Lamiglas Rods: (See Prices and Buy Here)


One of my personal favorites, Fenwick delivers high performance fishing rods for a wide range of fishing needs. From excellent ultralight rods for trout to great cranking sticks for bass, they have a quality rod for everyone.

Fenwick Rods: (See Prices and Buy Here)


Shimano is known for building premium fishing reels, but did you know they also make some excellent rods? These fishing rods are made with the latest technology in rod building. You can expect great rods from this brand.

Shimano Rods: (See Prices and Buy Here)


Daiwa also designs and builds some great fishing rods. This fishing rod brand puts painstaking effort into making sure its rods are high quality and have superior performance. You can’t go wrong with a Daiwa rod.

Daiwa Rods: (See Prices and Buy Here)

So how much will one of these top fishing rods cost me? Well, be ready to pay at least $100 for most of these rods. Some of these fishing rod brands (G. Loomis) can cost you as much as $500 for one rod. A little steep but when you try one out you will realize that it’s well worth it.

*Note: You can get a great deal on these fishing rod brands if you buy them “used but in good condition” on eBay. Sometimes you can save more than half the price and get some top fishing rods that are good as new.

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