Top 5 Fishing Lures for Catching Huge Crappie

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Here are out top five picks for lures to help you land huge crappie.

  1. Spinner: Mepps Aglia Ultra Lite
  2. Lure: Jensen Hot Shot
  3. Jig: The Perfect Crappie Jig
  4. Soft Plastic: Bass Pro Tripple Ripple Grub
  5. Black Crappie Lure: Standard Slender Grub

When you want to get into a mess of huge crappie turn to any of the above-listed fishing lures for that job! When you go black crappie fishing and feel that today is the day that you are going to pull up that 2.5 pound slab, you need to know what the big-boy wants to pounce on. One of my all-time favorite crappie fishing lures is the Mepps Aglia Ultra light spinner. The gold and silver blades are wonderful to entice a huge crappie and this color combination seems to really attract the largest member of the school! I have used all of the above fishing lures for catching crappie and they all seem to work great!

Best Lures for Crappie Fishing

I like to string-up a yellow or orange soft plastic Bass pro Tripple Ripple Grub when I am tossing the lure into deep water. There just seems to be something about this crappie lure that turns the crappie on and within minutes I find my bucket full of slabs! Please recall that the bottom-line for all artificial lures is to entice the fish into accepting the imitation of what they normally feed on naturally. Since this can change, and will change from pond to pond it is important that you carry with you in the lure box a good variety of the above listed artificials. You will never know what you can discover with the feeding habits of huge crappie if you do not experiment a little each and every time you head out to Lake! Good luck and hope you bring back a pile of crappie!

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