Top Ultra Light Spinning Rods in Every Price Range

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Brown trout caught inside the fish net.

**Note: We have an updated list of the Top 15 Ultralight Spinning Rods Here: Ultralight Spinning Rods

If it’s about that time to get yourself a new ultra light spinning rod, then you are on the right page. Recently I wrote about the Top Ultra Light Spinning Reels, now I have put together a list of the top UL rods for every budget. These rods were chosen because they have great user reviews, exceptional quality, and/or great value. Here they are:


G Loomis Trout Series

The G. Loomis Brand is known for their super high quality fishing rods. The Trout Series ultra light rods are no exception. They are built to be feather light, extra sensitive, and super strong. The rear grip is made with a combination of regular and composite cork for a truly unique look. Some of the quality components include an up-locking reel seat and single-foot Alconite guides. Overall, this is one of the best ultra light spinning rods available today.

G Loomis Trout Series Rods: (See Prices or Buy Here)

Fenwick Elite Tech – River Runner

Fenwick is also considered one of the top fishing rod manufacturers. The Elite Tech – River Runner delivers what you would expect from a premium ultra light rod. Extra care is taken to make sure these rods are super balanced and lightweight. It’s built with advanced materials like high modulus graphite blanks and titanium guides with SiC inserts. This is the rod of choice for many avid ultra light anglers.

Fenwick River Runner Rods: (See Prices or Buy Here)

GREAT ($50 – $70)

Shimano Clarus Spinning

Shimano has won many ICAST awards because of its innovation in fishing product technology. The Shimano Clarus spinning rods have become favored among ultra light fishermen because they are lightweight, sensitive, and strong. These weightless rods will sense the lightest bites while the new IM7 blanks will have the strength to muscle the fish in. They are the ultimate tools for a heightened fishing experience.

Shimano Clarus Spinning Rods: (See Prices or Buy Here)

Diawa Spinmatic Tuflite

Daiwa is mostly known for its premium reels but they also make some excellent ultra light spinning rods like the Spinmatic Tuflite. It’s built with a solid-core graphite blank that is very strong but still has a thin diameter. It has good quality natural cork grips with protective endcaps. High quality Fuji components are used like single foot aluminum oxide guides and a custom reel seat. Overall, it’s a great rod at a great price.

Diawa Spinmatic Tuflite Rods: (See Prices or Buy Here)

BUDGET (Under $30)

Quantum Teton Trout

The Teton Trout by Quantum has surprisingly good reviews for such a low priced ultra light spinning rod. It’s designed fairly well and will out fish most other rods in its class. It’s built with a graphite blank and has lightweight aluminum oxide guides. It has a natural cork handle and a secure reel seat. Overall, it’s a great ultra light rod if you’re looking for premium features for a cheaper price.

Quantum Teton Trout Rods: (See Price or Buy Here)

Shimano Sojourn

The Shimano Sojourn is a well built ultra light spinning rod from a highly respected fishing brand. These rods are quite nice especially if you consider the price. They are built with graphite composite blanks, natural cork handles, and good quality components that you would expect from a company like Shimano. Good rod. Great price. What more can you ask for?

Shimano Sojourn Spinning Rods: (See Prices or Buy Here)

Ultralight Fishing Combos

If your on a budget, it’s probably best to purchase an ultralight combo. This is an UL rod and UL reel that are perfectly matched together by the manufacturer.  This way you can save yourself some money and still get a great ultralight fishing outfit. In fact, I just finished writing a post about the Top Ultralight Combos under $60. Check it out:

Top 5 Ultralight Fishing Combos Under $60

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