Funniest Fishing Prank Videos

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When the fish are biting, everything is good. You’re focused on the fishing and having a good time. But what about when the fish aren’t biting? What do you do then? Some anglers will keep fishing and most likely go home empty handed. Others, on the other hand, have figured out an entertaining way to pass the time: PRANK SOMEONE! The videos below are my all time favorite fishing pranks. Get ready to have a good laugh. Check them out:

She Got a Bite

“That must be frustrating. The next hit, Lindsay pull it hard. Ah ha ha ha… Snort snort!” This girl gets pranked BADLY! This is a pretty mean prank. My favorite part is where the camera man snorts. Ha ha ha…

Run! Set the Hook

I can’t believe these guys would do such a thing. This guy is just trying to have a relaxing fishing trip. Pranking a fisherman that fell asleep is not just bad. In some circles it’s considered a sin.

I Hooked a Monster

He’s runnin, he’s runnin. Just let him go! LOL!!! They got him good with this prank. He was putting so much effort in fighting the fish, I wonder what happened when he found out. **Warning, Adult Language**

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