Eco-Friendly Fishing Tackle Options

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If you are an avid angler like myself, than you may be interested in learning about the eco-friendly tackle options that are available to you. Whether you are a “catch and release” fisher or a very particular fisher who chooses their keepers wisely, knowing your tackle options is the key to being a responsible fisherman/woman.

You likely already know that over the past 30 years, the some of the most popular angler fishing lures have been made of soft plastic. These plastics have become a water pollutant from all the lost lures floating at the bottom of the water. These lures are made from soften chemicals known as phthalates and these chemicals have been at the root of many adverse health disorders within the past few years. Just as with these chemical plastics, our chosen lead sinkers and lures are just as harmful to the water we fish in.

This is why today, many of the top manufacturers are beginning to use non-lead materials like tin and bismuth to accomplish the same thing without the harmful side effects. The biodegradable lures and lines are becoming extremely popular with the environmentally conscious angler fishers out there and this may be something you would be interested in as well. As a fisher, you likely love the environment and learning how to be eco-friendly while still enjoying your sport is the key to a well balanced hobby.

Check out your tackle box tonight and see what types of biodegradable lures and lines you have to choose from. If you see none, it may be time to check out your favorite fishing retailer to see just what you may be missing.

A great place to get eco-friendly fishing tackle is at Green Tackle. They carry a wide variety of products for just about every type of angler out there. And best of all, it’s all environmentally friendly.

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  1. Great post Fishing Gal. We anglers will benefit greatly from a clean environment. Now, we need to get all the governments on board. Some places in the world, people treat their environment as huge garbage can. Sad.


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