How to Tie Two Pieces of Line Together

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Whether you are a first-time angler or an experienced angler, learning or re-learning how to perfectly tie essential angler knots can help you be the best fisher you can be. Practice makes perfect when it comes to tying knots of any kind and the same is true for angler fishing knots.

Below is an image of what is known as the Blood Knot. It’s great for retying broken lines and to add leaders to the end of the line. Continue reading for a more detailed description of how to tie this knot yourself.

The Blood Knot

Because the Blood Knot is one of the most useful fishing knots for tying on a leader, everyone should know how to tie one. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to tie this knot. It may be frustrating at first, but remember practice is the key to tying a great knot every time. You’ll be an expert in no time.

  1. You will want to start with 2 pieces of line
  2. Place the lines together, as if they are already tied together.
  3. Create an overlap of the 2 lines of about 8-9inches
  4. Then take the leader of the two lines and bring it to the middle of the overlap and twist it around 4-5 times. (Make sure to leave enough of the leader line remaining to finish the knot.
  5. Do the same with the other line in the opposite direction (3-5 times around)
  6. Now that both lines have been wrapped around, take the ends and feed them back through the hole, from opposite directions
  7. Lastly, you want to take both ends of the lines and pull tightly to complete the knot. For extra knot strength, consider a braided line.

You will need to utilize this knot tying technique when you are trying to tie together two pieces of fishing line that are approximately the same diameter. I use this to tie on my fluorocarbon leaders when fishing with braided lines. More rarely, I use the  blood knot to just lengthen the line on my spool or retie a broken line. It’s a good knot to know.

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