5 Great Topwater Poppers For UL Fishing

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Of all the different types of topwater lures you can use for ultralight fishing, poppers are among my favorites to tie on. You can work the lures fast, and slow, and no matter what the conditions are, sunny or overcast, it is easy to entice strikes from some of the bigger fish in the water with these baits. Listed below are my 5 favorite types of topwater poppers I use for ultralight fishing.

Rebel Teeny Pop-R

The Rebel Teeny Pop-R makes its way to the top of the list because of the cost effectiveness of the lure. They are cheap to buy, but last a long time. They feature a small baitfish profile that helps them cast through the air with ease. My favorite colors of the Pop-R to use are Silver/Black and Blue/Black, depending on what types of forage are in the water.

Rebel Teeny Pop-R: (See Prices or Buy Here)

Rebel Crickhopper Popper

The Rebel CrickHopper Popper is just plain fun. It’s built to mimic a grasshopper, and absolutely slays fish in farm ponds, and golf courses. It works equally well in other waters, but when there are grasshoppers around, you need to tie on a CrickHopper Popper. I’ve caught some nice bass, and slab sized panfish on this lure. My favorite colors are the Yellow/Black back, and Green/Chartreuse back for tinted waters.

Rebel Crickhopper Popper: (See Prices or Buy Here)

Arbogast Hula Popper

Fred Arbogast knows how to entice bites. When he designed the Jitterbug and the Hula Popper he knew that they were going to stand the test of time. The Hula Popper in the 2″ size is an excellent bait that works well popped, twitched, or jerked, depending on what the fish want that day. I keep the Frog color for daytime fishing, and the Black color for nighttime ultralight fishing.

Arbogast Hula Popper: (See Prices or Buy Here)

Rapala Skitter Pop

Every bait that Rapala builds is constructed from some of the highest quality materials on the market, with the utmost attention paid to the details. Their 2″ Skitter Pop is no different. Because of the design of the bait, you can either pop, pop, pause, or even walk the dog by keeping your rod tip high and twitching the bait back to you. Both techniques work great for getting neutral fish to take the lure. I love the Silver and Gold Chrome models, with Silver being used in clear water, and the Gold Chrome model being used in slightly tinted or stained waters.

Rapala Skitter Pop: (See Prices or Buy Here)

Rainy’s Rattlin’ Foam Frog

What? You’ve never tied a fly onto your ultralight fishing rod? If you haven’t, you owe it to yourself to start throwing some feathers and fluff around the water. The Rainy’s Rattlin’ Foam Frog works equally as well on your ultralight gear as it does on a fly rod. The silicone legs, and tail feathers undulate in the water to perfectly mimic a defensive posture on the surface. I have two of the colors that I use most often, the Frog body, and the Black body for night fishing.

Rainy’s Rattlin’ Foam Frog: (See Prices or Buy Here)

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