Ultralight Pond Fishing Techniques

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Getting out onto the water can be difficult if you’re extremely busy. However, there is still one great way that I have found, for getting a few hours of ultralight fishing in, and having a successful trip at the same time: small ponds. Unlike rivers and streams, ponds don’t have fast moving water and commonly have walkable banks that allow you to avoid dense weeds and other obstacles. There are some techniques that you are want to think about before you head out for your next adventure to help raise the chances of catching more fish!

Approach The Water Slowly

In small ponds the fish are very easily spooked. When you are approaching the water you want to make sure that you are walking with a light footstep to avoid alerting the fish in the area to your presence. You are also going to want to make sure that you keep your profile as low as possible, and avoid wearing bright colors that could put the fish on alert. If the fish feel like there is danger in the area they will move to another part of the pond, where they feel safer, and you’ll be left without a catch to brag about!

Cast Parallel To The Shoreline

Most fish in these small ponds and waters are going to hold along the shoreline because of the access to both deep, and shallow waters. In order to make sure that your lures are staying in the “strike zone” for the longest periods of time, you will want to make long casts that run parallel to the shoreline, and work your lures back to you. This gives you the best chance at finding areas where fish are holding. If casting parallel doesn’t work, you can then begin using a fan-casting technique to work the area where you’re at before you move further down the shoreline.

Be On The Lookout For Structure

Most small ponds are going to contain little or no visible structure. If they do, you are almost guaranteed that there are at least a few fish holding on the small pieces that are available. However, if there are no obvious signs of structure in the pond, you will need to take a look for any differences in the shoreline, or use diving baits to determine where underwater rock piles or stumps may be, and then slowly go over those areas once you’ve found them.

Use Different Lures To Determine What They Want

One thing that you have to remember about small ponds is that they are usually pressured by other people. This pressure has a much larger effect on the fish than what even some of the highest populated lakes will endure. This simply means that when it comes to choosing which lures you are going to use, you can either match the forage base as closely as possible, or fish with lures that are different than what you have seen other anglers using on the pond.

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