Why Fishing Lures Make Great Gifts

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It’s been said that a fishermen is one of the rarest breeds that you will come across. When it comes to gift-giving holidays, we typically don’t want the same types of gifts that most, normal people consider as “useful” or “handy”. No, we’d much rather have more lures or tackle to take with us down to the water each time we go. If you’ve got an angler in your family, you may want to stop and think about the gifts you’re going to purchase for them, and think about exactly why fishing lures make such great gifts.

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First, it doesn’t matter how many lures or tackle boxes your favorite angler has, they can always have more. If you took a quick look at which types of lures they have, especially the ones that are regularly tied onto their rods, you’ll get a very good idea of what it is that they are looking for. You can take these ideas down to your local bait and tackle shop and figure out which colors, sizes, and styles work best in your area. That will give you a very quick, and easy way to get them a gift that you know they will use.

If you’re wanting to get them something a little higher end than a couple of store-bought fishing lures, you can even get some very nicely designed, hand crafted custom lures built. While your angler may not always use these on the water they will have some bragging rights with their fishing buddies who’d wish they had the same baits. Some of the specialized lures, such as offerings from Lucky Craft, are so realistic that your angler may never want to use it and keep it as a display item on their desk, or in their study.

Rather than fighting with yourself trying to figure out what to get them for the next gift-giving holiday, stop by and take a look at the lures that they’ve got tied on. Buying them a few lures is a lot better than giving them a gift card to some big box store, or even purchasing them a new rod and reel combo that may not fit in with how they typically fish (face it, non-anglers have a hard time buying rods and reels!) and doesn’t require the embarrassment of asking for a receipt to return the combo for something that they really wanted: more lures!

5 thoughts on “Why Fishing Lures Make Great Gifts”

  1. If you’ve ever watched Jeff Dunham and Peanut, you know Peanut’s favorite phrase is “A Lot”. That’s how many lures a fisherman needs, “A Lot”. As far as fishing rods go, a fisherman always needs “one more”.


    • “A Lot” is the perfect amount of lures, until you need more. Also, *NEW* lures are what we anglers really love. It’s always fun to try out new things. Thanks for stopping by Mark.

  2. Fathers day is coming up… A good holiday to take advantage of. I think I’ll use that one Mel, “I need more stuff” while looking into my half empty tackle box. They’ll get it, but sometimes you just need to buy your own lures to get exactly what you want.


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