Great Bass Jigs for Ultralight Fishing

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When it comes to ultralight bass fishing, few lures work, to pull out the bigger fish, in the way that a basic old jig will. Over the course of my years I’ve fished for bass under a wide range of conditions, water temperatures, clarities, and structure types, and no lure has been near as consistent at pulling big bass out of the waters on an ultralight rod that a skirted, lightweight jig. Below are four of my favorite jigs that are light enough to work perfectly on ultralight gear. You want to make sure that you are using the 1/8oz for most applications to ensure that you are able to get a good hookset with your UL tackle.

Strike King Bitsy Bug Jig

This is my all time favorite skirted jig for ultralight fishing. The 1/8 ounce model casts easily well over incredibly long distances, and the lighter weed guard makes it easy to set the hook on tight lipped fish. The body holds strong onto the jighead even after multiple catches, where other jigs will begin failing and having the skirt slide down over the hook. My favorite colors are the Black/Blue, Watermelon, and Pumpkin Craw.

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Z-Man Chatterbait Micro

This is one of the few jigs that I have kept in my arsenal for more than one season. The ChatterBait has a blade-like piece in the front that gives it the flash of a spinner. It’s the jig to tie on when you need that extra flash. It also has a very unique action when pulled through the water that’s irresistible to bass. Match the colors to crayfish, water bugs, or small baitfish, and you’ve got a proven winner.

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Booyah Baby Boo Jig

Booyah knows how to catch fish. Their Baby Boo Jigs are actually labeled as a finesse jig, but are perfect for ultralight gear. The 3/16oz model features a 60 strand body, and a light weed guard, with a super sharp Mustad light wire hook that makes setting it easy. My favorite colors on these are the Black/Brown/Chartreuse, Black/Blue, and 3-D Watermelon/Red. When you softly drop the Baby Boo into the water, if there are fish in the area, all you have to do is barely move it to get the skirt to undulate. This is, more often than not, enough to entice a strike and get your drag moving.

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Gary Yamamoto Tube Jigs

Another one of my favorite types of bass jigs is the tube jig. While they are mostly known as a smallmouth jig, they do very well with all the popular species of black bass. The best ones that I’ve ever used are the Gary Yamamoto Tube Jigs. These jigs are well designed and come in a wide variety of colors. The squid-like tail has an amazing action underneath the water. Every twitch of the rod tip makes these tube jigs come to life. You’ll need 1/8 ounce tube jig heads to properly rig these tubes for UL fishing.

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    • Hi Ken, Thanks for stopping by. I have always loved the tube jigs, not only for bass, but for trout as well. I use the 1-1/2 to 2 inch sizes and the trout just rip them up.


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