Awesome Jigs for Ultralight Fishing

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I have tried quite a few different types of jigs from my years of ultralight fishing, but there are only a few that continue to be purchased if I lend them out, lose them, or snag and cut them off. Listed below are five of my favorite types of jigs for catching a wide variety of species on ultralight fishing gear, based on their action, durability, and cost effectiveness.

Mister Twister Crappie Jigs

Marabou Crappie Jigs for Ultralight Fishing

The crappie jigs from Mister Twister are lightweight, and durable. They are built using colored marabou hair, with a soft tail that mimics tiny baitfish perfectly when you drag it through the water column. Whether bounced back to you, or swam, the Mister Twister crappie jigs will bag you more fish than most other types of marabou based jigs. While their name lets you know they slay crappie, they work just as well on all species of panfish, trout, and bass.

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Road Runner Jigs

UL Fishing with Road Runner Jigs

There is a motto that goes with every Road Runner jig: If you think you’re working it slow enough, work it slower. This is because of the natural, lifelike movements of the body and tail coupled with the small spinnerblade style spoon on the jighead. The spinner helps grab the attention of fish in the area while the soft plastic body and tail work their magic to entice the strikes. These jigheads work on every species of fish that swims, from saltwater to freshwater.

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Trout Magnet

Trout Magnets are Awesome for UL Fishing

This is probably my newest favorite ultralight fishing jig. It’s such a simple but unique jig, and many times it will out-fish all similar jigs. It has a dart style jig head that gives the trout magnet a unique darting action when jigged through the water. The soft plastic body also has a very unique style. It’s a small grub with split tail. I’m amazed at how well such a simple lure works on catching fish. If the fish aren’t biting anything else, try a Trout Magnet, it might just change your luck.

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Johnson’s Original Beetle Spins

Try out a Beetle Spin for Ultra-Light Fishing

Ok, Ok.. they are marketed as a spinner bait for anything that swims, but when you take off the spinner arm, and blade, you end up with a ultralight jig head that is super effective on anything that moves in the water. I’ve caught everything from Panfish, Crappie, Bass, and Catfish on these, to Bowfin, Ladyfish, and even a large turtle. There is something enticing about the small legs, and low profile design that rings the dinner bell for fish. When you’re ready to move it fast, you can tie the arm and spinner back on, and work the waters even quicker.

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