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Hello Fellow Anglers. Thanks for taking the time to visit my website. I hope the content here is useful or at least entertaining. As you have noticed, I have not been adding new, fresh content recently. The reason is: I have been extremely busy working on my other projects. Most aren’t related to AnglerWise at all, but the biggest project is a NEW PART OF ANGLERWISE!

Wow, I'm Busy!

Within the next few months, I will be launching an online store where you can get just about everything you need for ultralight fishing. I will be updating you with the news as often as I can.

The AnglerWise Ultralight Fishing Blog should be back to normal soon. So don’t forget to stop by to see what’s going on here, or you can Subscribe By Email at the right –> to have the updates sent directly to your inbox.

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4 thoughts on “Thanks for Visiting AnglerWise”

  1. Awesome man! Look forward to checking out what you offer in the new store.

    I’m also interested in seeing the new stuff you start posting up here soon!

    Hows the fishing been?

    • Thanks for stopping by. The fishing has actually been amazing for me recently. Last week, my brothers and I caught about 60-70 Arctic Grayling. Looks like I found the new hot spot.

  2. Great to hear that! I’m new to fishing, and have been reading your articles on ultralight fishing. They have been really helpful, especially for a newbie looking at hundreds of lure choices. Will check out your store when it opens!

    • That’s great Joseph. I will only list the lures the I love to use myself. I will not sell any junk. Thanks for commenting.


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