My New Favorite Split Shot Sinkers

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For as long as I have been ultralight fishing, I’ve always had problems with split shot sinkers. I got to the point that I started using different kinds of sinkers, but NONE were as convenient as the split shot. Just pinch one on and go. Easy! If only they didn’t have this one problem…

The problem that I experienced was: the splitshot would hold its place on the line for only a few casts. After that it would start sliding down the line until it was too close to the lure. Since I always used super thin diameter lines (4 pound test), it was very easy for the sinker to slip. This happened to me just about every time I when fishing.

Water Gremlin Sinkers

A few weeks ago, I received an email from Water Gremlin, a sinker manufacturer, asking me if I wanted to try out their sinkers for free. Since I love fishing tackle, especially free fishing tackle, I said “Of Course”. They didn’t ask me to write a review or promote their sinkers in any way. All they wanted was for me to tell them what I though about them.

About a week later, I got the sinkers in the mail. They looked like the regular split shots I was used to. Nothing Special, i thought. They sat there for about two weeks before I decided to try them out.

When I got to the lake, I tied on a Trout Magnet jig and pinched on a Water Gremlin split shot about two feet up the line. I was fishing for over an hour when I realized that the split shot was not slipping. I mentioned this to my two brothers, who were also using Water Gremlin splitshots. They noticed the same thing. I used three split shots that day, and my brothers used about the same. So that’s 9-10 different sinkers. And guess what? No Slipping!

Later that evening, when I got home, I compared WG sinkers to the other ones I usually used. Right away, I noticed that the Water Gremlins were made from harder lead, while the others were much softer. The WG’s were harder to crimp onto the line, but when you did, they stayed put.

This is why Water Gremlin split shot sinkers are now my favorite for ultralight fishing. I would definitely recommend them to anyone with sinker slippage problems. And if you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly option, they also make non-toxic sinkers out of tin. I have not tested them though, yet.

* Note: I always crimp my split shots using pliers for maximum hold. I used my teeth, until I found out lead was toxic. No wonder I’m a little slow sometimes. Lol.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I have used Walter Gremlin split shot for years. If you need to use weight, they are as good as it gets for a split shot type.

    • None of the tackle shops around here carry them. I never heard of them, until they contacted me. I’m sure glad they did.


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