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A few evenings ago, I was searching around for the newest ultralight rods and reels to see what’s available on the market today. I found a few good ones that were within my budget and also have great reviews. Throughout the whole researching process, I couldn’t help but notice all the rods and reels that cost into the hundreds of dollars. I started clicking on and reading about them.

Then it crossed my mind… What’s the most expensive ultralight rod and reel combination that is possible to buy today? Not that I would buy one, just though it would be interesting to know.

After searching around for a few hours I came up with a number. That number was $1140. Wooooow! That’s the price of the most expensive ultralight combo I could find. Crazy, isn’t it? That’s just the rod and reel, no line or anything else.

I bet you want to know what they are. Well I’ll tell you.

The Rod – $440

The G. Loomis Trout Series model TSR801-2 GLX is the highest priced rod I could find. This 6′ 8″, fast action, ultralight rod is priced at an eye-popping $440. For that amount, this rod better be the best… and it is. G. Loomis makes the best production rods in the world. You “might” be able to get something better from skilled custom rod builder.

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The Reel – $700

The Shimano Stella FE model STL1000FE is the priciest spinning reel that comes in UL sizes. It has a whole laundry list of top-of-the-line, premium features. It was actually voted as the BEST freshwater spinning reel in the 2010 ICAST Awards. Some people think this means it’s worth the $700 price tag.

(Shimano Stella FE Available at Our Store)

What I think…

While this ultralight combo may be considered “the best”, I don’t believe it’s even close to a necessity to fully enjoy ultralight fishing. My whole family’s yearly fishing budget doesn’t come close to the price of this, one combo. It would be nice to have, but I would rather try out more new fishing lines and lures. Plus, the $50 – $100 ultralight combos I own suit me perfectly. Here are a few recommended ultralight combos under $60.

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2 thoughts on “The Most Expensive Ultralight Combo”

  1. Holy Friday! That is a lot of change to put into a ultralight combo. I guess that is stating the obvious. Like you, I have that anglers folly! I am always looking at new stuff. However, if I owned the rod and reel combo you mentioned, the new stuff would be non-existent. Part of the mystique of fishing would be gone for me.

    • I know exactly what you mean Mel. I would rather have a cheaper combo and be able to afford all the fun ultralight fishing tackle, like new lures, lines, and even other reasonably priced ultralight combos.

      As always, thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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