Tough Polarized Sunglasses For Fishing (Review)

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I’ve recently had the chance to to try out some polarized sunglasses from BTB Sport Optics. I’ve tested them for about a month in some of the most rugged conditions, interior Alaska in the beginning of “winter”. This is what I think about them.

At first glance, the sunglasses I got from BTB seemed very average. I would know, since I’ve owned about 10-15 pairs of sunglasses in the last few years. But after a few fishing and hunting trips, I really started to like them.

Ultralight Fishing For Salmon

Tint: The lenses that I got had the perfect amount of tint. They were dark enough to shade your eyes from the bright sun but yet didn’t compromise your vision. It’s very important, in my opinion, if you’re upland game bird hunting or sight fishing.

Polarization: I found the the polarization filter applied to these glasses did a great job of reducing the blinding glare when I was salmon fishing (pic above). It helped me clearly see the fish so I could place the lure right in its face, therefor increasing strikes.

Quality: After using these glasses for about a month, I realized that they are well built. I dropped them a few times and even stepped on them once. All that caused only minor scuffs on the frame with no damage to the lenses. The lenses are actually ballistic grade polycarbonate, and can handle a direct hit from a 12 gauge shotgun a 50 feet. Tough Lenses!

Conclusion: I would definitely recommend these glasses to a friend.

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