Best Ultralight Fishing Tackle Boxes

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When you’re ultralight fishing you want to keep the weight down as much as possible, and make sure that you have a way to keep your small lures organized. There are very few boxes that I have come across that are able to cater to what an ultralight angler needs, here are the best of the bunch in my opinion.

Plano Compact SoftSider Tackle Bag (4451)

Plano Compact Gear Bag

I prefer SoftSider tackle bags because they can be squeezed into a lot more places, more easily than hard plastic boxes are able to. The Plano SoftSider fills my need for a full tackle box, making it possible to store all of my lures in one place and pull out the ones that I need, or the tray that I want, and still keep the rest of the lures in the other trays / bag organized.

Plano Double Sided StowAway Boxes (3500)

Plano Double Sided Stoway Box

These are some of my favorite tackle trays that I have ever come across. The double sided boxes store quite a few more lures than the single sided boxes, without adding too much depth to it. They fit easily underneath my truck seat, making it easy to try out new ponds I’ve found on the side of the road, or neighborhoods that I am visiting. They also fit into the Compact SoftSider the best, which helps them pull double duty.

Plano Chill Bag (7936)

Plano Chill Bag

When I am taking my daughter, or my nephew fishing with me, I usually carry along the Chill Bag from Plano. The bag has an internal storage area for a small included cooler to help keep the youngin’s hydrated, and plenty of storage pockets for keeping extra spools of line, tools, keys, cellphone, wallet, and just about anything else you take along with you. The box has a compartment on top of the lid to store your most-used lures, and 2 3600 series ProLatch boxes inside for storing other lures you may use throughout the day.

Berkley Strap-On Tackle Box

Berkley Strap-on Gear Box

If I am heading out for a quick trip and do not feel like dragging out a full tackle box, or do not have the time to go through and pick which lures I want to use for the day, I’ll quickly grab my Strap-On box and head to the water. I keep a few proven lures in it to make it easy to grab and go, without having to fuss with too much weight or gear. It is easy to cruise the shoreline figuring out what the fish want, and heading back home within an hour or two without feeling exhausted.

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