Cast Further With Your Ultralight Rod

Getting the most distance from your ultralight rod is something that quite a few anglers have problems with. There are a few tips that I have gained from using ultralight fishing gear for a long time that should help you ensure you are getting the best casts possible. Take a look over them and then determine whether or not you need to grab your outfit and start making some adjustments, or change the way you cast while you’re on the water.

Use Smaller Line Diameters

One of the biggest problems that leads to shorter casting distances is using lines that are thicker in diameter. When you’re considering ultralight lines there are almost miniscule differences in the thickness of the lines you’ll be using, but the difference between a high quality line, and one that you purchased off the shelf without looking at closely can be fairly dramatic. By purchasing higher quality material, you will be dropping the diameter of it down quite a bit, and ensure you have a line that will provide extra distance out of your casts.

Utilize The Rods Parabolic Action

If you’re too aggressive in your casting stroke you can also end up costing yourself some extra distance. Rather than trying to power into the casting stroke you will want to use a smooth motion that utilizes the rods parabolic action. You need to move the rod behind your head as you begin your stroke, then smoothly pull it forward while you feel for the lure’s weight to load the rod tip. As the rod tip is loaded, you can then use the bend in the rod to “fling” the lure forward, while pointing your rod tip at an angle that matches the trajectory of the lure. This helps the line flow freely, while maximizing the rod tip in the best way possible.

Try Attaching An Extra Split Shot

If you are still unable to get enough distance out of your rod, you can also try attaching a small split shot just in front of your lure. This method helps tremendously when I’m fishing on windy days where the lures tend to go off one direction or another. The small amount of added weight will help load the rod easier, while giving you a few extra feet on your cast, but doesn’t usually add enough to effect the action of the lure.

Cast With The Wind

When the wind is fighting me I will take the time to position myself so that I am casting with it, rather than against it. If you are spending too much time trying to cast against the wind, your lures are going to end up coming back towards you, or flying off to one direction or another. By taking the time to reposition you can still fish the areas that you want to, while being able to use the wind to help you get the small lures to where you need them to be.

Ready to level up your casting? Try these advanced casting techniques for accuracy in ultralight fishing. You can also revisit the basics of spinning vs. casting while you’re here.


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    All very good tips! Thank you for sharing the information and encouraging ulra-light fishing. Happy hook ups!

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