Creative and Funny Novelty Fishing Lures

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While the novelty lures below may not catch you any fish, they are definitely fun and are great conversation pieces. They also make great gifts for anyone that likes to fish. With Fathers Day, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and countless other gift-giving opportunities, this list will serve you well the next time you’re looking for something creative for the angler in your life. Check out these funny and creative fishing lures.

Beer Bottle Fishing Lure

This is the Busch Beer bottle lure. This is for those fish that need a cold one after a hard days work foraging for food. Sold here.

Simpsons Fishing LuresThis is for all you Simpsons fans out there. Relic Lures actually made some Simpsons lures. Who would have thought you can catch fish with Homer? I couldn’t find a place where you can buy one though. Try eBay, maybe you can find some.

Floater Poop Fishing Lure

This one really cracked me up! It’s called The Floater and it’s made by Sewer Lure. Ha ha! It’s the # 2 lure that is # 1. Get it? I’m sure the loved ones in your life would appreciate a lure that imitates a floating piece of poo.

Alien Fishing LureIf you want to catch fish that are “out of this world”, use the alien fishing lure. This one is also by Sven and Ole’s Miracle Fishin’ Loors.

Rapala Giant LureThis may look like a normal lure in the picture, in reality this thing is HUGE! It’s a real lure that’s over 30 inches long. It has real treble hooks and all. And best of all, it’s make by the king of lure makers: Rapala.

Booby Fishing LureAnd then we have the Booby Fishing Lure. It’s meant to look like… boobs, LOL! Trying to attract fish with boobs? They will probably attract the angler more. Great lure for the booby obsessed, just not for me. I have a nice real pair waiting for me at home.

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