Cool Technique For Catching Bass

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Check out this cool fishing technique that this guy Mike developed. I wonder why the Bass aren’t afraid of the kayak and the action being so close. He simply attaches a buzz bait to his line and sweeps it across the surface of the water. He pulls in a few good fish. Watch the video and tell me what you think in the comments section.

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5 thoughts on “Cool Technique For Catching Bass”

  1. a refined technique of “skittering”.
    done a hundred years ago with a long cane pole, a foot of line and back then, a salt pork chunk frog on a big hook.
    but a very interesting, informative and FUN video.

  2. l had to watch this video a number of times before l could pull myself away from the action and see what else he was doing and read the captions. l at first thought there was an electric trolling motor attached to the kayak but then read the breeze was being used.
    this is an awesome method to use in a kayak which l will have to try as soon as l dig mine out of the garage.
    absolutely made for kayaking.

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    • You should try out that method as soon as you can, and then submit your fishing report to That would be great! What did you mean by: (open your email button on Y!A)?


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