The Worst Fishing Injuries I Have Ever Seen

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Even though fishing is a pretty safe sport, you can still get hurt. You can actually get hurt pretty badly. You don’t want an injury to ruin you fishing trip.  Among the worst injuries I’ve ever seen is a man who was caught by a fish hook past the barb. I’ll spare you the photo and the details. But take heed when adding a hook or casting.

I have some personal experience getting hooked. When I was younger I was fishing with my brothers and got hooked past the barb myself. Thank god my mom was near by. She pulled the hook out (yes, it hurt) and I was back to fishing soon after. It’s not a bad idea to wear sun glasses while fishing, I know I will just in case.

Getting attacked by a fish is not too fun either. Especially if it’s a toothy fish like a pike. I saw a man get his hand bitten badly by a pike he just reeled in. After seeing that, I’ve always been careful to keep my hands away from a fishes mouth.

There are plenty of other ways you can get hurt/injured while fishing. Just remember to be careful. Watch your hooks. Watch your casts. Be careful with sharp objects, like knives. Keep you hands away from the fishes mouth. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to wear a life jacket. Good luck fishing and stay safe.

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2 thoughts on “The Worst Fishing Injuries I Have Ever Seen”

  1. That is a sick looking pic. Yeah, it might help a little to wear glasses. I know I do.

    The pike in the video must of been really hungry or just pissed off. Nothing like a battle wound.

    • Thanks for the comment Jason. It definitely helps to wear glasses for eye protection. I have actually heard alot of stories of pike attacking the angler after being caught. I guess they are just more aggressive than other fish.


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