Rock Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques for Summer

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The heat of the summer is normally the time of the year were many fishermen have to fish in deeper pockets of water and drop down hard and fast. This is not always the reality for a certain type of panfish known as the rock bass. Don’t let the name fool you as the rock bass is in no way related to the largemouth bass or even the smallmouth bass of North America. With that said let’s have a look at some of the rock bass fishing tips and techniques that will turn your dog days of summer into high fives and fish fries!

Rock Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques for Summer

A great tip while fishing for rock bass in either a river or a large lake will be to look for the rockiest areas near the bank where most of the rock bass spend their entire adult lives. A great way to take greater advantage of the rocky areas where these rock bass like to hang out and without getting hung up is to use a floating bobber method.

The floating bobber method is a great technique for summertime rock bass fishing regardless of the body of water that will be fished on. As mentioned above as long as there are rock structures or some form of shallow cover where the rock bass can feel comfortable and launch their ambush style predatory attacks upon wayward baitfish and crustaceans, your rock bass fishing trip can be a huge success.

The technique of using a small bobber to float the small baitfish or lively night crawler over a rocky-structure is so that your rig does not get snagged upon the bottom or the structure. Normally what happens during the summer is that the rock bass or redeye bass as they are called in some areas of the country will dart out from under their rocky structure and inhale your bait. When this happens the bobber will be instantaneously jerked under the water and a nice sideways hook-set is all that is required in order to have a great fight!

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