Crappie Fishing Tips And Techniques

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If you want to catch a lot of Crappie the next time you head out onto the water, you are probably going to make sure that you have a boat, and have it loaded with the right baits. Along with the baits you’re taking with you, you will need to think about a few key tips that make catching huge numbers of Crappie easy.

Great Crappie Fishing Baits

Live Minnows & Floats – One of my favorite ways to catch Crappie is to load up the boat with 3-dozen or more live minnows. As long as you have a way to keep them alive, this is, quite possibly, the best way to catch a lot of large Crappie.

Crappie Thunder Jigs – If live bait isn’t your thing, you can also use Crappie Thunder jigs from Blakemore. They are produced by the same company who makes one of the best slow-fishing lures, the Road Runner. Crappie Thunder jigs provide enticing action combined with attention getting flare that triggers Crappie into striking hard.

Marabou Hair Jigs – When it is time to slow down, or the water is getting cooler, nothing works better than a good, old fashioned Marabou hair jig. The soft hair keeps its suppleness in cold water, and doesn’t move too quickly. When the water is cold all aquatic creatures tend to slow down which, if your lure is too frantic in movements, could turn the fish off of the bite.

Crappie Fishing Tips & Techniques

Try Fishing Vertically – There is something about the up and down jigging motion that triggers Crappie into taking the baits. If you know that you have your boat on top of a nice piece of fish-holding structure, try giving your jig or bait a few jerks, allowing it to fall in between each. The Crappie will usually snatch the lure when it is on the fall. Metal spoons are perfect for this type of fishing.

Keep An Eye On Your Sonar – Crappie love holding to deep underwater structure. When you are scanning, make sure that you keep an eye on your sonar and, if possible, mark any spots you notice on the GPS. You can then go back to the spots and fish them using different techniques. Without your sonar it will be pretty hard to find where the fish are holding at, especially if they are in a neutral mood.

Easy On The Hookset – Crappie got the name “papermouth” for a good reason. If you set the hook too hard you can easily pull it out of their mouth, or create a hole in the flesh on their lips that is too large, allowing the barb of the hook to slide free rather than holding the fish tightly onto the line.

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