How to Tie and Fish the Drop Shot Rig

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While drop shot rig fishing has been around for a while, I’m still amazed at how many people know nothing about it. So, I decided to post a video that will teach you all about it.

The drop shot rig is most popular for catching bass, but is also effective at catching a wide variety of freshwater game fish, including trout and panfish.  This rig is used for fishing soft plastic baits/lures near the bottom. Many tournament anglers have implemented use of the drop shot rig in their fishing strategies, due to its effectiveness at hooking finicky fish.

In the video, Skeet Reese demonstrates and explains how to properly tie the drop shot rig as well as how to fish it. He catches a few good sized bass in the process. This video is all you need to learn and start fishing the drop shot rig at your favorite body of water. Enjoy the video!

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