How I Connect Leaders to Ultralight Line

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I believe that leaders can be very helpful in increasing your strikes in certain fishing situations. If you’re using visible lines, like braid and colored nylon mono, you definitely want to use one. Even when you’re using clear nylon monofilament lines, they may be visible when retrieved slowly. I use a leader every time, unless I’m spooled with fluorocarbon line.

How to Tie on a Leader - Ultralight Fishing

When ultralight fishing, you want to be as stealthy as possible. This is why I use only clear fluorocarbon leaders. They are the least visible type of line. You can also use clear monofilament line, I just prefer fluoro.

So, how do you tie on a fluorocarbon leader? When I first started using fluoro leaders, I ran into all different kinds of problems. I wasn’t using the right knots and lost many fish, some large, because of leader knot failure.

I don’t want anyone to run into those kinds of problems, especially when fighting a large fish on ultralight fishing tackle. It’s heartbreaking to lose one like that.

Below I will show you how I tie leader to my line. This may not be recommended by the experts, but I have come to love these knot tying methods because they work.

Tie on a Leader with a Swivel

When I fish a lure that can twist my line, I like to use a swivel between my main line and leader. I either use small metal swivels or invisible swivels. If I’m using braided or fused line, I tie the swivel on using the palomar knot. If I’m using mono line, I tie on the swivel using the trilene knot.

Before I tie the leader on, I cut it to my preferred length (around 3 feet), leaving extra room for knots on both ends. I tie a surgeon’s end loop on the leader and feed it through the eye of the swivel. Then I feed the end of the leader through the loop and pull tight.

This method allows for quick and easy leader changes. Simply undo the loop at the swivel and put on a new leader.

Tie on a Leader without a Swivel

This is a much easier way to tie on a leader, and it doesn’t matter what kind of line you’re using. Simply tie surgeon’s end loops on both your main line and leader line. Then feed the loop of your leader through the loop on your main line. Next feed the end of the leader through the loop and pull tight. You’re done. You can easily change the leader by simply un-looping it.

There you go. That’s how I tie on my leaders when ultralight fishing. I hope this helps you get more strikes and land more fish. What are your methods of tying on a leader? Do you have any suggestions? Leave your comments below.

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    • Hmmm, The modified albright knot looks simple enough and secure too. I’m going to experiment with this one on my next fishing trip. Thanks for sharing Mike.


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