How Does Wind Direction Affect Fishing?

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When choosing a fishing spot, make sure to take the wind direction into consideration. The wind blows phytoplankton and other surface foods towards the windward shore. This attracts insects, crustaceans, and bait fish that feed on it. When so much food is concentrated in one area this will attract the larger game fish that are looking for a meal.

Wind Direction Fishing Diagram

So when you’re fishing in the wind, try fishing from or near the windward shore. This will help you put more fish in the boat, whether it’s trout or bass. Remember that wind is not the only factor that affects fishing. Look at all the factors before making a decision on where to fish.

Wind direction is a critical factor, but certainly not the only thing that can impact fishing. Barometric pressure impacts the depth that fish will swim while water temperature impacts how active fish can be. The moon phase, time of day and how much light you shine are also factors that will influence the results of your next fishing trip. You’ll also need to contend with the type of water you’re fishing in from fast moving water in a rivers and streams to the nearly still water of a pond. Read our guides to give yourself the best chance of success the next you take a trip.

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