Does Light Help You Catch Fish at Night?

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Can a light source help you catch fish at night? In this case, YES! Watch the Crazy, Funny, and Entertaining Video. The fishermen don’t even use fishing rods. They use nothing but flashlights to attract the fish to them. It would be awesome if this worked for fat trout, lunker bass, and thick catfish. I don’t want to give away too much of the video, so go ahead and press the play button. Amazing.

As you see, the light has two purposes when fishing at night in the dark. First, it attracts the fish, drawing them to the boat. Secondly, it helps the anglers locate and position themselves and the boat to more easily catch the fish.

Before trying, be sure to research the type of fish that are common in the area that you are fishing. You will want to understand their nocturnal tendencies to pick the best time of day to fish. And if you do fish at night, you’ll want to know if they are attracted to light as the bass shown here are, or if they instead, shy away from light.

There are certainly more factors to consider that impact fishing. Luckily for you, we have a variety of guides to read before your next fishing trip to help you have the best chance of success.

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    • Thanks for the comment MNAngler. This video IS funny, especially towards the end when the guy gets pelted by the fish over and over. LOL. I’m not sure about the species though.


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