How Does the Moon Phase Affect Fishing?

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Have you ever looked at the moon and wondered how exactly it affects the fishing? I’m sure you’ve heard that the moon phase can make a big difference in the success of your fishing trip. But How? What? and When?

The attached video is great for explaining in great detail what the moon phases have to do with the fishing, especially in the full moon and new moon phases. I will not over-talk the expert since my knowledge of moon fishing is only concentrated on fishing during the full moon.

Just how did I learn that the full moon improves fishing? Well, I went out fishing one night during the full moon phase. I had a feeling that this would be the night to remember. The moon was so big, bright, and seemingly right in my face all night! The big channel catfish were feeding like it was the last supper. It was crazy! I caught my personal best that night. One tip I will share is to have ample light when fishing at night. Does Light Help You Catch Fish at Night?

This was the night that I realized how important the moon was to fish feeding patterns. Since then, I better understand the connections between the moon phase and wind patterns and barometric pressure – both of which significantly impact fishing. Read the guides to learn how. Now I try to plan all my fishing trips around the moon phase.

Other factors to understand before planning your next trip are water temperature and time of day. Happy angling and best of luck!

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