Top Fluorocarbon Lines for Ultralight Fishing

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Fluorocarbon fishing lines are known for their many great benefits including invisibility under water, abrasion resistance, and low stretch. The problem is, most have high memory and are too stiff to be used on ultralight spinning reels. If only they made a fluorocarbon line that was soft and limp enough for UL fishing. Well, they do.

Many fishing line manufacturers have been working to increase the softness and manageability of fluorocarbon lines, making them usable for ultralight fishing. The lines below are made to be soft/limp like nylon mono, but have all the benefits of fluorocarbon. Here they are:

Sunline Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon

A 100% fluorocarbon line, it offers fishermen/women all the benefits of fluorocarbon with the softness and manageability of nylon mono. The low pound-test lines ( 6 pound test and under ) are especially great for ulralight spinning reels.

Sunline Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon: (See Prices or Buy Here)

Seaguar InvizX Fluorocarbon Line

This soft and very castable 100% fluorocarbon fishing line has great sensitivity and strength. With the thinner line diameters, you will think you’re fishing with nylon monofilament. This is the type of fluorocarbon line you want when ultralight fishing.

Seaguar InvizX Fluorocarbon Line: (See Prices or Buy Here)

P-Line 100% Fluorocarbon Line

This is a very soft and limp fluorocarbon line. It casts very well and is virtually invisible under water. It also helps make good solid hook sets due to low stretch. Just like all P-Line brand fishing lines, this is a great line with the qualities you need for UL fishing.

P-Line 100% Fluorocarbon Line: (See Prices or Buy Here)

Yo-Zuri Hybrid

This is not a 100% fluorocarbon line. Yo-Zuri Hybrid is a combination of fluorocarbon and nylon that is molecularly bonded to have the benefits of both. It’s soft and manageable like nylon mono and is low stretch and abrasion resistant like fluorocarbon. The best of both sides makes this line great for ultra light fishing.

Yo-Zuri Hybrid: (See Prices or Buy Here)

KVD Line Conditioner

If you want to increase the manageability of these fluorocarbon lines even more, try out the KVD Line Conditioner. Many anglers swear by this stuff. It adds casting distance and reduces memory. Overall, it will make fluorocarbon line more spinning reel friendly.

KVD Line Conditioner: (See Prices and Buy Here)

Additional Tip:

When buying Fluorocarbon line for ultralight fishing, get the lowest pound test line that you can. The line will be even more manageable due to the thinner diameter. Most fluorocarbons have a higher breaking strength than listed on the box.

Looking for a line that offers invisibility and stretch? Try a nylon monofilament line.

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